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  • Ever since we started using the services of Collins Pest Management, the services we have received have been excellent.  Personalized customer service is what makes the difference. In a few words we can say that most of the time we feel as if we were the only customer they have because their dedication, promptness and customer care offered are exceptional.  No matter if the issue at hand is big or small they treat it as important and they put their full attention into solving it in an expedient and satisfactory manner. When audits are called for they are the first responders and they take charge of the audits as if they were their own:  they come before, during and after the audit and discuss and provide solutions for the findings, if any.  They are always available when questions or issues arise.  It is great to have Collins as one of our partners in keeping our company pest-free.  Bart is a dedicated service provider whose knowledge, expertise and care excel our expectations.

    QA Manager – food processing facility K.L.T QA Manager – food processing facility
    QA Manager – food processing facility
  • Collins Pest Management provides our plant with a professional and thorough pest management plan. Dan Collins is accountable and takes complete ownership of our plant and the program. The Enviro-Shield program is available online and is completely user friendly. All of the stations contain bar codes for easy data collection and analysis. Dan has taken time to educate the management staff on any pest issues in the plant and solutions for improvements through coaching and a presentation. Dan Collins provides outstanding service and absolutely cares about his customers.

    Matt F., Sanitation Manager, Large-scale bakery
    Matt F., Sanitation Manager, Large-scale bakery
  • I work for the Catholic Diocese of Evansville. We own a log cabin that was donated to us, and trying to keep the bugs, spiders, and lizards out of the cabin has been a never ending job. We use to use a nationwide, very well known company to keep these critters out. I just did not think they were doing the job they were supposed to be doing, because every week we would have to vacuum the whole cabin to pick up bugs. The Diocese asked Collins Pest Management to pick up the job. The outcome was so great that I would rate it at 99.9% better than the last company. I just wanted to say thank you for every thing and I will be passing your company name on to other people.

    George F.
    George F.